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Showers of Blessing engages the compassion, volunteer spirit and financial support of the residents of South Santa Barbara County in the operation of a mobile shower trailer which delivers critical hygienic services to our most vulnerable houseless neighbors. We believe that a lack of basic hygiene leads to lowered self-esteem and invites unfair prejudices from the community at large. Showers of Blessing addresses this in three ways: 1.) By providing the houseless with warm, hygienic showers so they feel better about themselves; 2.) By employing our clients in the operation of the project so they feel productive and valuable and; 3.) By promoting collaboration between our houseless volunteers and other community volunteers in order to breakdown walls of misunderstanding.

Every dollar you donate to Showers of Blessing will be matched by an anonymous donor (up to $10,000).


What Can I Do?

Anyone can make a big difference:

One of the questions we ask some of our shower clients after their shower is
“How do you feel now?” The answers have been amazing:

“I feel like a human again.”

“It’s amazing how much better a single shower can make you feel.”

“Real, I can look for ways to make my life better now.”

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Every dollar that you donate to Showers of Blessing between now and Sept. 30th, 2017 will be matched by an anonymous donor (up to $10,000).



Personal hygiene items, undergarments, socks and clothing are vital to our guests. You can help fulfill our guests’ needs.


with us

Volunteers make our work possible, both individuals and groups. Sign up for our newsletter or contact us directly.


Locations – Days – Hours of Operation

Isla Vista

St. Michael’s
University Church
6586 Picasso Road

Showers: 2:30pm – 5:00pm
Dinner provided at 5:00pm


St. Athanasius
Orthodox Church
300 Sumida Gardens Ln

Showers: 11:00am – 1:00pm
Lunch provided

Downtown Santa Barbara

Alameda Park
1400 Santa Barbara St

Showers: 3:30pm – 6:30pm
Dinner provided at 6:30pm


Carpinteria City Hall
5775 Carpinteria Ave

Showers: 12:45pm – 2:45pm
Lunch provided at 12:00 pm
at the Veteran’s Hall