We’re on pace to provide over 7,000 Showers this Year!


Our services have expanded. We now operate at seven sites every week. We expect to exceed 7,000 showers this year alone. More importantly, with our new sites, we are reaching many more members of the houseless community than in previous years. We’ve also expanded our laundry service to include our four downtown sites. Now our clients can drop-off a limited amount of dirty laundry at any of our sites and retrieve it clean and folded the following week.

We have also added one of our houseless client/volunteers to our payroll. His name is Wade. He has been assisting with our operations at several sites for almost two years. He now joins Linda (formerly homeless and current operations manager) as our only employees. Everyone else involved is a volunteer, including the general manager, business manager and bookkeeper.

Donations to Showers of Blessing are tax deductible as SHoB is under the non-profit umbrella of
The Interfaith Initiative of Santa Barbara, a 501(C)3 – Tax ID #47-0920616


Showers of Blessings is a Isla Vista, California based mobile hygiene ministry which offers showers to those of a critically low income. We help people with clean clothing and getting themselves clean. Contact us to be a volunteer.

Why is this ministry needed?

Humans at a base level need some amenities to feel like valuable people after a time. One of those needs is to be clean along with having clean clothing. At Showers of Blessing our goal is to provide both the clean clothing and the chance to get themselves clean. In doing this we are hopeful of helping them gain the stability to get employment and housing.


Personal hygiene items, undergarments, socks and clothing are vital to our guests. You can help fulfill our guests’ needs. Contact us to Donate items.